August 22, 2019
Be Free!
Top end sports kicks, check. High end, top performing sports
bottoms, check. Anti-sweat, all performing sports top, check. All
ready in waiting for that early morning run, a quick gym session after
work or for a long lazy Sunday hike.
The sporting industry is at its peak, now more than ever people are
trying to fit into hectic schedules time for them. A fitness session is
now the norm with a majority holding gym memberships or working
towards their next 10K milestone. Exercise brings a clear mind, a
boost of endorphins and a healthy lifestyle, all things that are easy to
say yes to but harder to employ upon. For those that do, all the high
tech sports apparel is something that is most likely a wardrobe
staple, but how many know the importance of the correct sporting
Dressing in your sporting attire on top of your everyday undies can
be a bad idea for sporting enthusiasts. Our everyday underwear
wardrobe is great for the day to day, but it is not so great when
running, jogging, riding, hiking etc. High-end activities require a
fabric that will not cause chaffing and will allow breathability.
Skin needs to breathe and be allowed to maintain comfortable
circulatory movement. Tight sweatpants on top of your everyday
undies cannot obtain this, which may result in reduced circulation
and a build-up of sweat. Chafing can develop very easily when skin is
damp, hot and subjected to a repetitive motion that occurs during
most active sports.
Chafing can be easily avoided with new microfibre technology. Boxer
Shorts UK sell microfiber underwear for sporting activates. The
technology allows the skin to breathe by wicking away excess sweat
and moisture and allows it to stay cool and dry. Microfibre also has
antibacterial properties, which is great for active sports, when your
body is working to its max. Microfibre underwear is also high stretch
and ultra-lightweight.
So remember when packing the gym bag, don’t forget the all-
important underwear to offer enhancement and comfort to your
sporting success.


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