July 18, 2017
The Pros of a Microfibre Undies Drawer
The new technology has revolutionised the underwear industry. It
has offered movement, stretch, comfort and breathability.
Microfibre is made up from polyesters and polyamides, its main
advantage is that it offers anti-wicking properties, meaning it is able
to take moisture away from the skin. It is also extremely absorbent
and fast drying which makes it very breathable. This makes it
perfect for athletics, exercising or for travel. It will keep you cool
when partaking in activities or if you are abroad in a hot climate.
Cotton can ruche up under clothing causing discomfort and the
visible panty line, it can also lose its shape overtime. This will not
happen with microfibre, which is elasticated and maintains its shape.
Due to its high stretch content, it will move with the body unlike
cotton that wants to fight you at every turn.
Microfibre has antibacterial properties, which can help stop the build-up
of nasty’s brought about by excessive sweating during exercise. It
also stops chaffing by removing moisture away from the skin and
keeping it dry. It will not gather and tighten which means circulation
is not impeded.


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