July 18, 2017
Add a Pop of Colour – We Dare You
Black, navy, grey maybe somewhere peeping out could be the odd
khaki colour. We are talking our undies drawers, the brightness
sapping drought where the word colour was left firmly on the other
We love colour, it is something to shout about, something that makes
us smile and makes us turn our heads away from the sea of muted
tones that a wash most of our daily lives.
For most of us we live our weekdays in our grey, black or navy work
attire, I have yet to see an office employee exiting a building sporting
a shocking pink fitted suit with yellow tie. Maybe they would be
leaving with a small cardboard box under their arm if I ever did
witness such a spectacle, as this is not adept for our working profile.
We say go against the grain and add in some colour with our neon
underwear range. Carry some colour in your everyday week, even if
the world is unable to view it, we also advise the world doesn’t view
it, as that could be a whole other blog post.
Go forth and be colourful.


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