October 18, 2018
The most comfortable bra ever? You decide.

Usually, you can’t wait to take off your bra at the end of the day. But with the comfort bra it’ll be the last thing on your mind.

Made with microfibre stretch material, the bra sits so comfortably on the skin that, by the end of the day you’ve forgotten it’s there.

Wearing a bra shouldn’t feel like a chore, struggling to get the straps the right size, praying for the bone not to dig in and the hooks fastened at the right level isn’t something we should have to put up with every day. So why not say goodbye to all those things.

The no bone structure gives the feel that you’re not actually wearing a bra, and let’s be honest there’s nothing better than that. This bra is like those friends you don’t always see but doesn’t mean they’re not there - a silent support if you will.

But by choosing the comfort bra it means endless wearable opportunities with the varied coloured choices making it perfect for all occasions.  And because slipping in and out of it becomes second nature you start to slip into your most comfortable self.

There’s no better feeling than feeling comfortable in your own skin, and your underwear should be no different. Finding a bra in a fabric and fit that’s perfect for you will boost your confidence before you step into your favourite outfit. And with that winning combination you’ll be able to conquer the world.


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