September 23, 2019
Why is the Correct Clothing Important When it Comes to Working Out?

You have just finished your workout, you are sat there feeling exhausted, exhilarated, hot sweaty, tired, proud and sore. Believe it or not how you feel after you have had a workout can depend on the clothing that you wear whilst you are doing it. Whilst you might not exactly be donning a fur coat for your run, many other considerations will help how you feel after working out.

 Wicking Wonders

When it comes to workout clothing then some materials will let your body breathe more naturally and will also aid in pulling sweat away from your body. This has a dual effect, not only do you stop getting so damp whilst working out it also helps you to feel cooler whilst you are doing so. Top-quality fabrics like cotton work well in some regards but they don't draw sweat away from you, they just absorb it, which is why they can feel heavy during workouts. Underwear and tops made from Microfibre are an excellent choice as these will keep you much cooler.

 Seasonal Changes

The other important thing is to have a range of clothing that adapts and changes as the season changes. In summer you want clothing that will help to keep your body cool as well as covered whilst you work out. When it gets to winter, then you will want something warmer, though you need to bear in mind that you will be raising your core temperature whilst working out so you don't want to go over the top. Layers work well here and aim to dress for a temperature that is warmer than the thermometer indicates. If it is rainy or wintry outside then make sure that you have a good waterproof layer that keeps the elements away from your body, there is nothing worse than trying to exercise whilst soaking wet.

 When it comes to choosing the right outfit for workouts then there are a lot of options to consider. The right clothing can boost your performance and also help with recovery and cool down. This means that you will be in better shape than ever following your work out. So make sure you chose what to wear carefully and you will always be fighting fit. The right tools for the right job are most important!

What do you like to wear to keep fit?



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